Sabalangira and Royal Council



  1. Ssaabalangira Moses Ssegamwenge Kajoba Kayima        -Chair person
  2. Kaweesa- Tebandeke Ndawula                                                 -Secretary
  3. Samuel Lubanjwa- Wampamba                                               -Treasurer
  4. Hannington Mutebi Ssematimba-Kyobe                            -Member
  5. Erugensi Kateregga- Muluuta                                                  -Member
  6. Saalongo Livingstone Kateregga                                            -Member
  7. Mathias Walugembe                                                                     -Member
  8. Teddy Zalwango                                                                             -Member

The executive committee is mandated with putting into action the resolutions derived from the monthly general meetings (Kigango).



  1. Peter Bemba                                                  Chairman
  2. Salongo Livingstone Kateregga
  3. Florence Nabaloga
  4. Charles Jjemba- Kimbugwe
  5. Edith Nkinzi
  6. Kimera-Kayiza
  7. George William Wampamba

The major role played by this committee is to ensure that cultural practices and rituals done in the royal tombs and shrines are performed correctly. The committee is also responsible for identifying, monitoring and reconciling individuals who claim to possess royal spirits.


  1. Mathias Walugembe                                     Chairman
  2. James Wasajja                                               Coordinator, Youth
  3. David Mutebi Sseninde Kamyuka
  4. Hajj Hussein Nakibinge
  5. Teddy Zalwango Kiwanuka
  6. Margaret Namaalwa
  7. Isaac Kiyimba

The committee is responsible for registering the pupils and students who perform well and are well behaved but lack school fees. It is then tasked with identifying individuals and organisations that can offer scholarship to enable them continue with their education.


  1. Jjemba Kajumba                    Chairman
  2. James Wasajja
  3. Omumbejja Luwedde
  4. Diana Teyeggala

This committee is responsible for identifying possible royal cultural sites that can be developed for tourism potential. The committee is also responsible for improvement of conditions at the different tombs and palaces to attract tourists. The committee has also helped the royal family to exhibit successfully in the Buganda Tourism Expo.

BABATWA-        Balangira –Bambejja Twezimbe Association

Registered with the Ministry of Trade and Industry under, No. P. 847/RCS, the association encourages all royals to buy bonds. Profits made from these bonds will hence be used to manage the royal family projects and also facilitates other activities.

  1. Henry Ndawula
  2. Florence Namaalwa Nabaloga
  3. Samuel Lubanjwa- Wampamba
  4. Grace Namaalwa
  5. Charles Kimbugwe Jjemba
  6. Joel Kateregga
  7. Bernard Nakibinge


1415 12bamb


1. Abalangira beerangidde mu lujjude kulw’obusika n’okutunda ettaka lya Masiro

2. Abalangira bazimbye bbugwe ku Masiro nga bagamba nti Mengo etandise okugatundako ebintundu


One thought on “Sabalangira and Royal Council

  1. hello,
    am requesting to see the photos of the Ex-Sabalangira Ericka Kayima Kitere.

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