Kabaka Kintu

1300 – 13xx Kabaka Kato Kintu Kakulukuku, Kabaka of Buganda, a descendant of Buganda Ntege Walusimbi Wanga Laba Wuuyo Nansangwawo Beene, Kabaka of Muwawa. b. at Bukasa, Ssese Islands, son of Kagona, by his wife, Namukana. He attacked and killed Bemba, after he had taken control of Muwaana but then become despotic and alienated his subjects. Kisutu, the rightful ruler of Muwaana, then voluntarily surrendered his Ssemagulu (throne) to Kintu, who then founded Buganda, naming his new kingdom after their common ancestor, Buganda Ntege Walusimbi. Established his capital at Nnono, Busujju. m. Nambi Nantuttulu, his chief wife, daughter of Bakazirwendo, of the Ngeye clan. He d. at the age of thirty years (bur. Nono), having had issue, four sons and a daughter:

  • 1) Prince (Omulangira) Lukedi, Chief of Bukedi. b. at Nabyungu.
  • 2) Prince (Omulangira) Winyi, Chief of Kibulala [allegedly Winyi I, Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara ]. b. at Nabyungu. m. Lady Wannyana, his chief wife, sister of Balitema Kajubi, Chief of Kasuju, a Bahima. He had issue:
    • a) Prince (Omulangira) Ntembe, Chief of Busoga. b. at Kibulala.
    • a) Princess (Omumbejja) Musenyu, Chiefess of Kyeya. b. at Kibulala (the eldest child).
  • 3) Prince (Omulangira) Mulanga Kimera. A great hunter who worked iron and introduced the Baganda to eat meat.
  • 4) Kabaka Chwa I Nabakka Wunyi Walusembe, Kabaka of Buganda –
  • 1) Princess (Omumbejja) Nang’oma, Chiefess of Bululi. b. at Nabyungu.

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